Welcome to the official website of Havillah Private Basic Schools. A School committed to raising, disciplined and dedicated leaders and professionals with the requisite skill and character for adding value to themselves their families and the society at large. As you browse through our website, we do hope you will enjoy taking a brief tour to across the various links readily available to meet your curiosity and enquiry. However, if you have a need for further enlightenment on any matter, do not hesitate to use our contact details to rich our support staff. We welcome innovations and ideas from parents, teachers and all other stakeholders provided it will help the growth and development of the school. Enjoy your time while surfing the site. Once again you are welcome.


Havillah Private Basic Schools is one of the best schools committed to providing every child with the foundational education needed to thrive in the present day competitive global economy. Usually, the school is opened to pupils/student willing to have their education with the school. Hence, Students are admitted into the schools with the following age limits.






Taking in qualified teachers; able to teach the pupils with practically oriented teaching approach in a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

Raising well rounded future leaders with relevance and usefulness to themselves, their families and the society at large.